Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Art of Allison Coelho Picone

This stunning autumn leaf painting by Allison Coelho Picone captivated me with its gentle, translucent colors and warm, ethereal background. 

Allison Coelho Picone is a graphic artist and designer who specializes in fine art and surface patter design. She is presently working on textile designs to be used for women's apparel and accessories. 
Her work is peaceful, restful, and relaxing with a restorative. healing aesthetic.

Allison's work is currently represented at L'Attitude Gallery in Boston, MA

Her studio is open via private invitation and/or appointment only.

Allison's work has won an Award of Excellence at True Grit Art Gallery in Middleboro, MA and the Manhattan Arts International in New York. 

Her work is included in HERstory 2016 and the Healing Power of Art 2016 at Manhattan Arts International.

I claim nothing here as my own. Except this: Allison Coelho Picone. Remember her name. Soon her work will be everywhere.




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