Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Episode Thirty-One Double-O-Reynolds

Episode Thirty-One   Double-O-Reynolds 

     “I know where there’s a doorway back to Earth in Galtari.”
     “Do you have anyone in Galtari?  A family, a cat… a woman?”
     “No.  No other woman. No family.  High Council likes their five-star tracker to be a loner.  I have no strong attachment to Galtari.  I would much rather be on Earth… with you.”
     “Is that why the brilliant, keen-sensed, best Galt tracker on the planet allowed himself to be captured by my father’s bumbling troupe of half-witted vaudeville cops?”
     “How else was I going to get in here to you?” he sighed.  “I couldn’t just knock on the front door and ask if I could come in and see you, now could I?”
     “Oh, Jaks!”  She covered her face with her hands and started to cry.  He hugged her.
     “Don’t cry, My Love.  Please don’t cry.  I screwed up?”
     “Yes, Sweetie.  Big time.  And I don’t know how I’m going to get us out of here.”
     “I couldn’t help myself.  I had to be with you.  But, Sam, there’s more I have to tell you.”
     “That you were in on the kidnapping at the drugstore?  Oh, I know that.”
     “What?  How could you possibly know that?” he asked.
     “Well, you insisted that I come with you when I really didn’t want to.  You’ve never pressured me to do anything I didn’t want to do before.  Ever.  You said you were tied up, too, yet there were no rope marks on your wrists.  I had them.  And there was only one pillowcase on the van floor.  Remember, I had to crawl around on that floor looking for my shoes.  And we were going to the store to pick up allergy medicine when you never had any signs of an allergy.” 
     “I’m sorry, Baby, it was the price I had to pay for Dr. Reynolds co-operation.  He told me to sniffle and say I had a headache.  But I was so happy to be with you, I forgot I was suppose to pretend to be sick.”
     “So our doctor’s not really a doctor?”
     “Well, yes, he is, and he’s a very good one.  But he’s also a part-time agent for the CIA.”
     “Our medical doctor is a secret agent?  Like 007?  Double-O-Reynolds!  How cool is that?  The CIA has part-time agents?  Wow!  They really DID cut back.  Nobody believed them.  Wait, so who’s side is Werner on?”
     “The other side.  But they needed someone to decode a message and encode an answer.”
     “The agency doesn’t employ their own decoders?”
     “Yes, but Werner didn’t trust them, and this particular code was considered impenetrable.”
     “You couldn’t just ASK me to do it?  I would’ve done it!  I LOVE a good puzzle.  Why all the cloak and dagger?  And didn’t they smack you around?  Your cheek was bruised and your lip was bleeding!”
     “Werner told Doc Reynolds they would allow us to stay together in the same room.  When they separated us, I panicked.  I was afraid they were going to hurt you, so I fought back, to be with you, to protect you.  And they…”
     “Do they make a habit of stealing office help from small trucking companies to get the secret decoding jobs done?”
     “No, actually it was your co-workers’ conversation at The Bleak Horizon that put the idea into Werner’s head to grab you.  And one of his men got close enough to you that night to brush up against you and stick a tracking device on your jacket.  When I saw him get that close to you, I knew I’d better hurry up and get you out of there.”
     “Oh, Jaks!  My head is swimming.  No more for now.  I need a nap.”

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