Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Interview with Author Andrea Barbosa

Andrea Barbosa    


Good morning, Andrea!  Welcome to Vision and Verse, the Place for Art and Authors.  I'm happy to have you here. Tell us what you've written.

Currently, I have 2 published books. A novel, MASSIVE BLACK HOLE, which is a literary fiction piece, and a poetry collection, Holes in Space.

What is your favorite genre to write?
It really depends on my mood. I love to write literary fiction, poetry and I'm starting to venture into the romance world.

Favorite food.

You would get along with my vegan husband very well.  Me, I like everything. Tea or coffee?
I love both and usually drink both equally!

Pizza or ice cream?
Pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert!

I like them both, too. one right after the other.  Where would you like to visit?
Greece is a place I haven't been to yet and is on my bucket list. I used to devour Greek mythology books and would love to see the archaeological sites.

Favorite musical artist.  Do you listen to music when you write?  What?
Love music but I don't listen to it when I write. I prefer the silence and sounds from nature, especially birds singing. My favorite musical artist...I love so many, but Pet Shop Boys is one at the top of the list, as well as Linkin Park.

What makes you laugh?
Funny jokes, laughing babies.        

Favorite work of art or sculpture.
I love Starry Nights by Van Gogh. Sculpture? Michelangelo's Pieta.

How old were you when you started writing?
Probably 9 or 10. I always dreamed of becoming a writer.

Describe your perfect evening.
Dinner outside with great company, and then attending the opera or ballet or a concert. 

Where do you get your inspiration?
From life. Everything in life is worth writing about, we just have to focus on a particular thing or situation and go from there.

What do you do when you get a writer's block?
Do something else, read a book, listen to music.

Who is your favorite author?
This is another hard question, because I have lots of favorite authors in different genres. In literary fiction, I like Joyce Carol Oates, in poetry, Sylvia Plath. I also love Anne Rice, Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown, Erica Jong, to name a few...

Best book you ever read.

The Little Prince, by Saint Exupery.    

Last book you read.
Adultery, by Paulo Coelho.

What would you do for a living if you weren’t a writer?
Does a screenwriter count?

I'll keep that in mind in case I need one.  My intro to screenwriting was not pleasant. Who is the one person who has influenced your personal life the most and why?
My son. Because of him, I'm always striving to be a better person, to serve as a good example for him.

If you could sit down and have a conversation with ONE person, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be and why?
I'd love to sit down with the Dalai Lama and get absorbed in his teachings.I admire his quote about his religion is kindness. It's so humble and yet so powerful.

What advice would you give someone who aspired to be a writer?
Read a lot, and write a lot. Don't give up if you think you have a story to tell the world.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me on your awesome blog, Carol.

  2. It was my pleasure, Andrea. Come back and see us anytime.