Monday, November 4, 2013

Echo of Heartbreak

Carol Ann Kauffman, Author
Parker Kauffman, Cover Artist

"Echo of Heartbreak: A Recipe for Life is a heartwarming story of love and devotion a mother has for her unborn child. Knowing she may not live through the pregnancy or childbirth, she is still determined to bring her child into the world. So she begins to leave a legacy in the form of a journal, filled with tips of how to live a good life and adds recipes from her Italian heritage.

This is an extremely enjoyable story filled with emotion and sentiment. It shows, on every page, the love this mom has for her child, no matter what and plans ahead to teach her child about love and devotion. I also like the way the author enveloped the journal entries and the recipes in between the pages of the story, to tug our heart strings along, every step of the way."

                                                                       - Review from pagedabbler 21 on

"This is a wonderful little novella. Carol Ann Kauffman, author of Time After Time series, has written a completely unrelated touching novella. It's letters from a dying mother to her unborn baby. She is leaving her letters on how to live her life, advice on growing up, falling in love. This book is incredibly touching. It's also filled with amazing recipes, that the mother is passing down to her child. recipes that the family always made.  This little cookbook/ novella is wonderful, touching and a great addition to a kitchen! :)

                                                                       -Review from Cianna on

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